Fabian Aichner Reveals the Match That Inspired Him to Become a Pro Wrestler


During a recent interview with Metro UK, WWE NXT Superstar Fabian Aichner commented on the match that inspired him to become a pro wrestler, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On how he discovered wrestling: “I just came across wrestling by accident. I was just flipping through the channels and I saw the last five minutes of a SmackDown episode. I was just like, ‘This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.’ Instantly, as soon as I saw the ring and all the people around it, these big guys – I think it was Undertaker against Brock Lesnar and Big Show in a Triple Threat Match. I just knew instantly, that’s what I want to do with my life.”

On Triple H and Shawn Michaels heading up NXT in the US and UK: “To me, it’s unbelievable. I saw SmackDown for the first time when I was 13 years old, so all those people were in their prime. You try to get better, you try to watch matches and see what they’re doing, the little things in the ring. And now obviously coming here, every week we’re sitting down with Shawn Michaels and he’s giving us feedback.”

On not even being at his peak yet: “Oh man, we’re at the tip of the iceberg right now. These guys have a completely different picture of wrestling compared to us right now, but we’re like a sponge. We’re trying to soak up as much as we possibly can. It doesn’t get any better than Shawn Michaels, Undertaker and Triple H. For us, it’s the time of our lives right now to question those people and learn as much as we can.”

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