Fake Kamala Action Figure Featured On New Pawn Stars Episode


In an interesting twist, on a new episode of “Pawn Stars”, a fan tried to sell Chumlee a Hasbro Kamala action figure that turned out to be a fake.

A man named Erik visited the show’s World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas saying that he bought the figure at an estate sale and was looking to get $7,500 for it (not that ridiculous a price when you see why).

After the segment explained who Kamala was, they brought in Steve Johnston of Rogue Toys as an expert, who talked about how the Hasbro line originally produced about 24 for lawyers to sign off on the moon on his belly. The actual production version had a star, which is speculated to be because Kamala didn’t sign off on the figure and thus they were able to get around his approval. Other theories are that the star was a simple production mistake, or that some issue with the production of the moon version led to them going with the star.

Johnston said that while a pre-release Kamala with the moon would be a top two or three “holy grail” for collectors — for example, there’s one on eBay going for $21,000 — he confirmed that while the figure would be a top item for wrestling collectors it was determined to be a fake by virtue of the sticker residue and what appeared to be some painting over work.

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