False CM Punk Report Surfaces, Kane/Punk Removed


— Over the last several days, a WWE official contacted Madison Square Garden’s PR department and asked them to remove the scheduled Kane vs. CM Punk match set for the March 8th WWE live event at the arena.

— Before we even post this (we debated on even posting it), we can confirm that this is completely made up and 100% false. The CM Punk situation is NOT a work by any means although the two sides are currently talking and trying to resolve things.

According to The Examiner , sources close to WWE said that CM Punk leaving WWE is actually one big work. Again, this report is 100% false and was sumittied by a fan and then posted as news.

The false report says that while it’s true that Punk is angry for letting part-time talent like Batista and The Rock get main event matches at Wrestlemania while full time wrestlers like Punk and Daniel Bryan are in the midcard on major PPVs, the stories that he walked out on the company are exaggerated. He is under contract with WWE until the mid-summer and there is no truth that the relationship between both parties has been damaged beyond repair. Punk is not happy with the creative direction but both he and WWE are using it to their advantage. Many within WWE are being kept in the dark to drive “internal source leaks” about Punk leaving.

Punk is currently beat up and tired due to the company’s schedule and needs a break. This will allow Punk to stay popular with fans while he recovers in the recent weeks.

A source said: “It looks like a work. We probably won’t see him in a match until after WrestleMania.”

The report said that Punk’s supposed “reason for leaving” will be well known by the time he comes back, setting up a title match with Batista, which WWE will set up as the source of his anger.

The source added: “CM Punk is probably the smartest guy and shrewdest marketing mind the WWE has ever employed. Will we see him back? Absolutely. But don’t try to figure out when. It may be a while. But he will main event WrestleMania again.”

WWE is expected to “future endeavor” Punk online and on TV within the week. The source also complimented Punk, saying he should be in charge of creative and not Triple H.

Once again, the above Examiner report is 100% false.

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