Family Of Shad Gaspard Files For Negligence In Drowning Death


The wife (and family) of late WWE Superstar Shad Gaspard filed for negligence against the state of California. In a report by the LA Times, Siliana Gaspard (Shad’s widow) filed a claim stating their negligence and dangerous condition of the public property. Shad passed away in May after he and his son were among a group of swimmers caught in a rip current that dragged them 200 feet from the shore. The lifeguards attempted to save them both, but Shad insisted that they save his son first. A wave would then pull Shad underwater, where he would never resurface alive. Three days later on May 20th, his body was discovered.

Siliana claims there were insufficient signs on the beach warning about the dangers of swimming there. She also said the lifeguards were under-trained and were not working with proper equipment that would’ve saved both her son and husband’s lives that day. She feels they left her husband to die while they rescued her son. The lawsuit has not yet been officially filed but was brought in Los Angeles Superior Court on behalf of herself and her son. She is seeking unspecified damages as well as burial costs.

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