Fan Comments On Obstructed WrestleMania Views


James Aronson sent this one in: “In reference to your story about some seats being obstructed and people being moved to other locations, I wanted to share my story from last night. We (myself, my 10-yr old, and a friend) arrived about two hours early for Wrestlemania, and thank goodness we did. The guys at the gate scanned my ticket (all my tickets were bought on the first day of sale on Ticketmaster, btw), and while my ticket scanned, my son’s and my friend’s did NOT. They told us we had to stand in a “mile-long” line at will call to figure out what to do in this situation. Needless to say, I was pretty upset. Thankfully, an awesome supervisor named Bob let us get in, and told us to go to Guest Relations on the 3rd floor. It seems as though the seats I had purchased, while not in obstructed view at the time of purchase, suddenly were now. The WWE had already arranged for all the individuals in this scenario to be moved to other sections, and move us they did! Not only did we get a different section in the lower upper deck, we were moved to the FIRST row, on the aisle of a better section, with a TREMENDOUS view from directly across the ring. THANK YOU WWE for the upgrade! My kid loved the show (it was only his second wrestling show ever), and a good time was had by all.”

Thomas Maurullo sent this one in: “Another big complaint last night, including my seat in section 126, was the lighting rig around the pillars blinding so many people in the sections about 30 rows up. Once the sun went down, the blue and amber lights were blinding so many people that it made it difficult to watch the action in the ring and we were forced to watch the screens. For $200 a ticket, that really did stink!”

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