Fan Notes from Sao Paulo, Police Involvement, and More


The following was sent in from Mistadre who attended the live event in Sao Paulo:

Hey guys, I was sitting at ringside at the WWE Live Event here in Sao Paulo and I wanted to share a few highlights with you:

– Police was confiscating all the signs before we entered the gymnasium. This happened because some nonsensical “hardcore” fans threatened to rip some pro-Cena signs from a girl. Only some brazilian flags entered the arena.

– Merch stands didn’t have much to sell, only some tees (Brazilian-made), Broski headbands and Cena chains.

– While the lights were still on, the arena seemed empty. some better seats were made available for the people seating in the rafters so the place seemed full.

– Crowd was very pro-Punk, with the usual split between “Let’s go Cena” and “Cena Sucks”. “Yes!” chants throughout, everybody was very excited.

Show began with Nickleback and Justin Roberts announced the House Show. Johnny Ace came down the aisle on a wheelchair pushed by David Otunga. He did the “MY NAME IS JOHN LAURINITIS” thing and said we should be thankful and all that heel stuff.

MATCH 1 – Brodus Clay b. JTG

Crowd went crazy when Brodus’ music hit. Match was much longer than any of Brodus’ usual TV matches, even with JTG getting in some offense. Brodus won with the splash. After the match, some kids were brought in the ring to dance with him.

Match 2 – David Otunga b. Alex Riley

Otunga hit the ring and did his usual posing, A-Ry came out with a nice pop. Really physical match, Otunga won with the Verdict.

Match 3 – Michael McGillicutty b. Curt Hawkins

Hawkins came out first, chants of “MidCard Mafia” and “Edgehead” followed. Michael came out as a face, but since he does not get much TV time, people didn’t know him very much – which got much more people chanting for Hawkins. McGillicutty won with a sick McGillicutter.

Match 4 – Zack Ryder b. The Miz

Miz came out and got some serious heel heat with a promo with some cursing in portuguese. Guy is great on the mic and got a lot of reaction from the crowd. Ryder got the usual Woo woo woo chants, he looked a little surprised with all the pops. The match went back and forth, some crowd interaction from Miz. Ryder reversed the Skull-Crushing Finale into a Ruff Ryder for the 1-2-3. Lots of “Blanka” chants, since Miz said on tv that the Brazilian Street Fighter was roughly the only thing he knew from the country.

Match 5 – Kofi Kingston & R-Truth b. Epico & Primo (Retained WWE Tag Team Championship)

The heel team came out first and lashed out on the crowd with a promo in spanish, saying that Puerto Rico was much better and cleaner than Brazil. They were wearing ripped up towels as makeshift ponchos, whoever was at ringside laughed their ass off when they noticed that. R-Truth came out with Little Jimmy doing the What’s Up rap, great pop from the crowd. Kofi came out with some great crowd reaction. Great high-flying action, closing the match, Truth crashed and burned with Epico to the outside and Primo hit the Backstabber on Kofi, which got the 123 with Kofi’s left foot on the ropes. Primo and Epico celebrated as the NEW Tag Champs, but a ref came out and nullified the decision. Upon restarting, Kofi hit the Trouble in Paradise for the quick pin. Really entertaining match.

A small 15 minute intermission and we’re back!

Match 6 – Beth Phoenix b. Kelly Kelly

Rosa Mendes was being advertised for the show, but the car accident cut short her visit to Brazil. But, you didn’t see anybody complaining when Beth’s music hit, she got a HUGE pop – even bigger than Kelly Kelly’s. Typical Beth match, some funny spots, ass-slapping, stinkfaces, crowd interaction and so on. Beth won with the Glam Slam.

Match 7 – John Cena b. Dolph Ziggler (w/ Mason Ryan)

Ziggler came out first and introduced Ryan, with lots of “Batista” chants. No kidding, the guy is HUGE! When Cena came out, the crowd roared. Lots of boos anyway. Ziggler got some offense, did a few situps one time when Cena was down. Ryan interfered twice, but was caught by the ref, which ejected the welsh wrestler from the arena. One of the spots after the 5KS knocked out the ref, when Johnny Ace and Otunga came out. Otunga and Ziggler wailed on Cena, and Otunga hit Cena with one of Ace’s crutches. Cena powered up, threw Otunga from the ring and reversed a top-rope splash from Ziggler into the AA for the victory. Nice match, Cena posed with the fans afterwards.

Match 8 – CM Punk b. Chris Jericho on a No-DQ match fo the WWE Championship

This is it! Jericho came out first and shunned the huge pop from the crowd. Punk came out on the biggest pop of the night! Crowd went wild while Punk posed with the fans. When Justin was doing the intros, someone threw a Brazilian flag on the ring, which caught Punks attention – he did some posing and left it on the ropes. Jericho promptly caught the flag showed to everybody, then crumpled it and then kicked it, drawing some cheap heat. the match started with a lot of funny/entertaining spots (not much mat wrestling as some more hardcore fans were expecting). Some ten minutes into the match, we started to notice some fuzz at the entrance, when suddenly some producers and Johnny (breaking keyfabe) came rushing in to speak with the ref. At the ramp entrance, six cops were placed like they were waiting to take Jericho into custody. Jericho then took the mic and apologized for doing that to the flag. Officers stayed put for some more minutes and then walked off as some fans started booing. The crowd kinda died out after this, but managed to see some nice spots before Punk hit the GTS for the win. Jericho went to the back without talking to the fans, clearly worried. Punk then celebrated with the fans (even climbing to some of the upper levels) to wrap up the show.

Everybody went home extremely satisfied with the show, we even saw some police cars blazing through the parking lot to the outside, which created some buzz, with everybody questioning if Jericho was really arrested. Luckily, nothing of the sort happened to the superstar.

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