Fan Notes: Hardy Breaks Kayfabe, J.J. Dillon & Tugboat, More


Dean Puckering sent this one along: Former WWF Superstar Fred Ottman (Tugboat, Typhoon and The Shcokmaster) just did an interview with a site called

One thing he talk about which might be interesting is that he’s starring in a film called Wrestling With Disaster which will showcase the lives of people within the business AFTER they leave. IT was interesting to note that Matt Borne was goingto be a part of it.


George sent this one along: I’m a long time fan of your website. I run a huge old school wrestling page that has 20,500 fans, and yesterday Georgia Smith, the daughter of Davey Boy Smith, did an emotional speech for him on our page when we put him our HOF. Hopefully he will be in the WWF HOF soon. Here’s the link if you’d like to read it and share,


James Marston sent this one along: Hi there, our blog has recently run an interview with WWE Hall of Famer J.J. Dillon that we thought you might be interested in. Dillon talks about getting into wrestling, his different roles within the industry, who he would manage in today’s wrestling world, and compares today wrestling world to his time. If you could post some links on your news sites to let people know about the interviews, let us know what you can do.


Ricky Cooper sent this one along: Hey guys just wanted to let you know that Matt Hardy just broke a kayfabe on Twitter. Here this is what I said and this is what he replied with:

Ricky C. ‏@RC05


i think @MATTHARDYBRAND that @FightSteenFight is jealous because you have the georgeous @RebySky and he only can get women like rosanne barr


@RC05 @fightsteenfight @RebySky Not sure if I agree, but u ‘intrigued’ me enough to respond. So u know, Kevin does have a beautiful family..

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