Fan Notes: Metallica/SSlam, Lawler/Hart, Piper, RAW, More


WZR listener Rob MacGuyver sent this one in: Jerry Lawler and Jimmy Hart recently discussed the WWE Legends House on Gary Parrish radio show ESPN 98.9.

Matthew Pringle sent this one in: There are local spots running for the live WWE RAW event this Saturday in Wheeling of a Last Man Standing match between Jericho and Punk. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Punk going to be at SmackDown events this weekend?

coxbrad sent this one in: I just wanted to pass on that Rowdy Roddy Piper will be on Celebrity Ghost Stories on Saturday night June 23rd. I believe it airs at 9 PM ET. For those not familiar with the show, it’s pretty much what the title implies. Celebrities tell of an account that happened to them that is supposed to be a real life ghost story. Just wanted to pass it on.

cot3372 sent this one in: I was just looking at the event for Raw next Monday here in Fort Wayne, IN and the venue website says the following: “Mr. McMahon fired Raw and SmackDown General Manager John Laurinaitis at No Way Out, but per The WWE Board of Directors, John Laurinaitis must fulfill his contractual obligations and still team with Big Show to battle John Cena in Fort Wayne!”

Bob Marino sent this one in: Tommy Dreamer recently filmed a part in an upcoming independent film called Sensory Perception.

sfcruz sent this one in: Hi everyone! As we know, WWE has used Metallica’s song “For Whom…” for Triple H´s entrance vs. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania and at this year´s Wrestlemania. Some recent promos for Undertaker used Metallica´s song “Memory Remains.” There was hope for us fans of WWE and Metallica to see the boys play, but as a rumor, it never happened… I have sad news for you guys… The HUGE RUMOR running around that finally Metallica will play this year at Summerslam WILL NOT HAPPEN. Why? SUMMERSLAM will be in California´s own Staples Center on August 19th… show is scheduled to start at around 5pm that Sunday. If Metallica is to play at the event, they need to verify many things before even doing a sound check… PLUS on August 18th they have the second Edmonton Concert… So to fly that next morning to California, set up, and finally play later on that night (cause probably the Triple H vs. Lesnar match will certainly be the last one on the show) would be one heck of an achievement! PLUS 2… Metallica NEVER play 3 gigs in a row… Hats off TO EVERYONE if it happens!!! If it doesn´t, well… there´s always Wrestlemania 29.

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