Fan Notes: Striker Interview, Fan Needs Your Help, Goldberg


Across The Pond Wrestling sent this one in: Hi, Just wanted to let you know that our blog has run another #FiveQuestionsWith… interview, this time with former WWE superstar Matt Striker. Matt talks about his time in WWE and how it came to close, what he’s enjoying in wrestling at the moment, and his plans for the future. It can be found here It would be great if you could post something on your sites. Best wishes.

mattshar1025 sent this one in: Saw this article on Though you guys would enjoy it. Love the site, keep up the great work

Shawn Anderson sent this one in: Former WWE/WCW champ Goldberg delivered a memorable first pitch Saturday night.

Beth sent this one in: I was at the Classic Championship Wrestling show today at the Six Nations Fair in Ohsweken, Ontario and Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts returned to the ring in tag team action teaming with Sinn (aka Kizarny) against Reck and Cody Deaner. Jake pinned Deaner for the win. Also on card both Friday and Saturday were Zack Gowen and Tatanka. Shelly Martinez was also on tap for Saturday’s show.

Andrew Yeganeh sent this one in: Hello Ryan, I have been a reader of your websites now for well over 10 years, and I want to start by saying thanks for all the reporting. I was clicking over to the exchange between Triple H and The Rock on Twitter, and I happened to notice that Triple H’s last re-tweet was for a guy named Donny who has cystic fibrosis and is in danger of dying. After going over to Donny’s Twitter page, I noticed that this guy has been a die hard wrestling fan for all his life. He has been to ten Wrestlemanias over the years, and recently had a streak of 6 straight until this year when his liver failed. That could easily be any of our close friends, or the family members that we grew up watching wrestling with. My heart seriously went out to him. Donny is attempting to raise funds for a kidney transplant, similar to how Jake Roberts and Scott Hall did. He even added a special section for wrestling fans on his donation site. Since this guy is such a die hard wrestling fan, I was hoping maybe you could use your power and devote a posting for him so that we can all band together and help this guy. He needs support from people, and my deepest wish right now is that you can help him in his cause, just as you helped Jake and Scott, because he is just as much a part of this wrestling family as they are. His tweet to Triple H that Hunter re-tweeted is here and his website where he is attempting to raise money for a transplant can be found here Please help this guy… you could save his life man.

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