Fandango Praises Chris Nowinski’s Concussion Research


In an interview with the BBC, Fandango said that Chris Nowinski’s concussion research will be beneficial to wrestlers. He suffered a concussion himself in June and was kept out of his PPV match “in the interests of safety”. Here are highlights:

On concussion research: “A lot more research is going into them [concussions] now, where they’re impact testing. Ten years ago people didn’t know a lot about concussions. Chris [Nowinski]’s organization is really diving in to that and really figuring out the impacts of these concussions and what they’re doing to these athletes and performers.”

On his own concussion: “Doctors ran me through a lot of tests. They’re putting a lot more effort into figuring out not only concussions, but other injuries like that.”

On the importance of explaining the risk of head injuries: “Knowledge is power and the more power you have, you’re going to live a better life. With Chris spearheading a big campaign into research on concussions, it’s really beneficial, not only to professional wrestlers but hockey players, NFL, rugby [and] football. The more we know about concussion and the more we can do to prevent coming back too early from a concussion, it’s vital for the future of our performers and athletes.”

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