Fandango Reveals How The Road Dogg Helped Breezango In WWE


During a recent appearance on the “Felger & Massarotti 98.5 Wrestling Inside the Ropes” podcast, former WWE Superstar Fandango commented on The Road Dogg helping him and Tyler Breeze during their “Breezango” days, and more. He said,

“Breeze and I, we weren’t really doing too much at the time on TV. So, I think they were actually making cuts, this was like 2015 or 2016, and I assume we were probably on the chopping block, and Vince didn’t think it was time to get rid of us quite yet. So what do you do and you got two floundering singles guys? You put them together. Road Dogg was a big advocate for us because he was kind of the same situation back in his day where he was a singles guy, and they put him and Billy together. Obviously, they had a little bit better run than Breezango. But he helped us out a lot and gave us a little life to our careers there in WWE.”

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