Fandango’s Original Dancer Revealed – Details Inside


The Buffalo News recently interviewed Fandango’s original dancer, Andrea Lynn, a dance instructor from Buffalo, NY. Before her appearance, Lynn had no wrestling connection at all and she was booked by the company at random.

Lynn believes she was the first person they found via Google locally when the company was in Buffalo. She was originally booked for just one appearance, but the WWE decided they wanted the same dancer so she went on the road, re-arranged her University of Buffalo classes and her full-time job. While working for WWE, they gave Lynn an iPad and privacy so she could work on her schoolwork.

Lynn worked for the company until they decided to put developmental worker, Summer Rae, into the role. She also talked about the crowd “Fandangoing” not havin ganything to do with dance. She was not a wrestling fan when she was called, but knew names like Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant.

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