Fans Have Problems With The Audio Feed During WWE Extreme Rules


During Sunday night’s WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view event, many fans were experiencing some audio issues as Spanish and French commentary was often heard airing over the English commentary at multiple times during the Kickoff show and the early part of the actual pay-per-view event.

As you’d expect, many fans took to Twitter and called out both WWE and Peacock over the issues. Several fans even demanded refunds. It seemed as though WWE’s YouTube feed of the Kickoff show didn’t have any issues so this appeared to be an issue with Peacock. As of this writing, the issues appear to have been fixed. The “PeacockTVCare” Twitter account eventually addressed the issue, saying,

“The audio on the English stream of WWE Extreme Rules is now playing as intended. You may need to exit out of the stream and start it again to see this reflected in your stream. Please feel free to send us a DM with any further questions. We’re happy to help!”

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