Fans No Longer Allowed At WWE Hall Of Fame Ceremony?


Bret Hart was attacked by a rogue fan at this years Hall Of Fame ceremony. Although plenty people were around to put a stop to the spontaneous incident it may have cause Vince McMahon to make a rash decision due to it occurring.

Vince McMahon was very upset over the attack that occurred at the WWE Hall Of Fame that he is contemplating the idea of not letting fans into the ceremony ever again.

Brad Shepherd had this to say on Oh, You Didnt Know regarding McMahon’s reaction to the incident.

“Vince McMahon was red-faced steaming mad over the incident with Bret Hart at the Hall Of Fame. By the way I was told that it’s not easy to make that happen. I was told that this may be the final straw for fans attending the Hall Of Fame ceremony or at least limited fan attendance at the Hall Of Fame ceremony.”

If fans aren’t allowed to attend then WWE may look to hosting it at a smaller location as there will be less people to accommodate at the ceremony. Time will tell if WWE goes through with this decision when they head to Tampa.

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