Faye Jackson Believes Maria Kanellis Should Run The ROH Women’s Division


Faye Jackson is a big fan of having Maria Kanellis running the ROH Women’s division.

During a recent appearance on the “Women’s Wrestling Talk” podcast, Jackson commented on the new Ring of Honor under the ownership of AEW President Tony Khan, Maria Kanellis helping her find her character, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the new ROH: “I know Tony Khan is actually running it now, so you know, good luck to them! Is there somewhere that I would like to help out behind the scenes or anything? No, not really. I think this time it will be fine. As long as they got the right people to help run that division. I think they should call Maria Kanellis back and say, ‘Hey will you help get these girls together?’ She would be the perfect person. Maria will always have my heart and she knows this. So even if she was like ‘hey, Faye, can you please please help me with this?’ If it’s her asking I will consider.”

On Kanellis helping her find her character: “Without Maria Kanellis there will be no Faye Jackson character. She helped me at the beginning with this. I do have high hopes for this new Ring of Honor, especially the new women’s division. … Nobody wants to see wrestling die, Right? When it was announced that they were closing up, for someone that started there, if I didn’t start there people wouldn’t know who I was. So it’s not something you want to see disappear. You need competition, no matter how big or small, but WWE needs the competition, and they love competition. That makes their product better. If they see that these other companies that are on TV are doing this, that, and the third, they’re like, “Oh, they’re bringing over fans from over there.” That’s good! That’s great for everyone. That’s great for the fans, that’s great for the wrestlers, that’s great for the business. So the fact that Ring of Honor is back. That’s really good. Because it’s needed. They are still needed in this business.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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