Federal Judge Dismisses Martha Hart’s Lawsuit, The Rock Note


— UFC 141 was released on DVD this week. The event features Brock Lesnar’s final MMA fight, which was a loss to Alistair Overeem.

— The Rock started shooting his next film, Pain and Gain yesterday. The film is shooting in Miami, and is directed by Michael Bay. Rock tweeted the following on the film…

“Helluva 1st day of shooting PAIN & GAIN (Michael Bay directing). Insane true story and characters. #GonnaHaveSomeFun.”

— A federal judge has dismissed the lawsuit filed by Martha Hart in its entirety against the McMahons. Hart asserted that WWE and McMahon used the image of her late husband, Owen Hart, in videos and other materials without her permission and despite her objections. Judge Stefan Underhill ruled last week that WWE did retain a right to Owen’s career, but denied WWE’s motion to dismiss a claim related to personal family photos.

The judge also stated that there was no evidence Linda McMahon knew about the photos. Finally, the judge also allowed Hart’s claim for unpaid royalties against WWE to proceed.

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