‘Fight Pit’ Match Announced For Next Wednesday’s NXT


During Wednesday’s edition of NXT, a match was booked for next week’s show between Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher. The match was originally scheduled for NXT’s New Year’s Evil event but it was cancelled due to an “injury angle”. NXT analyst Wade Barrett hosted a sit down between Thatcher and Ciampa to promote next week’s match.

Thatcher claimed he was injured and unable to compete but now he’s ready to fight Ciampa and is prepared to end this once and for all. After their exchange, Thatcher told Ciampa they would be entering the “Fight Pit”, where Thatcher would be a completely different animal compared to their encounter at TakeOver: War Games in December.

Ciampa said Thatcher has no idea what kind of man he is but he will find out for himself next week.

You can check out the highlights below:

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