Filmmaker Matt Goldberg Discusses Signing With WWE


Credit: The Rack

Filmmaker Matt Goldberg recently spoke about signing with the WWE and more. Here are the highlights…

His big news regarding himself and WWE: “I have signed with the WWE to produce stop motion animation content for them; two of the videos have already debuted and my first one that I did for them just broke 100,000 views, which was the most of all the animated videos they have. So, that was really neat. They told me they put that on their YouTube homepage and I don’t want to go into more details; I’m not sure how much I can talk about right now.”

How did this deal with WWE come about and how he was discovered: “One of my friends we contacted by them and I thought that was really cool, so I started chatting him up and I did my homework online and started talking with a guy, who’s not with the company anymore, but he said ‘We’ve been watching your work for a long time and we’d love to work with you’ and I was like ‘Wow, that so cool’ that they’ve been watching me and my friend and a much of other animators that I’ve grown up with over the years so any other animators hoping to get an opportunity just keep an eye out, you might get it. But, yeah I reached out to them and the relationship went on from there and told them my whole background with TNA and Lisa (Varon; WWE Diva Victoria) and Eric (Bischoff) and Jakks (Pacific) and Mattel. They just really liked me; I stared last month and I’m going to be animating even longer for them, so it’s really exciting.”

What does he think of a possible future Wyatt Family film idea, or should they stay solely an in-ring forum: “I think you could find a story to tell with them, just thinking back to their early promos, when the reporter went to their house; they have secrets, they have stories to tell. I think someone could easily write something into their past, maybe even how did they become the Family they are and what is the motivation for what they do.”

Since his videos have made their WWE debut, what feedback has he gotten from talent: “I haven’t gotten feedback from the talent with the video, but the funny thing that happened yesterday when I posted on Facebook about my WWE stuff, I got a private message from Tyson Kidd; we’re friends of Facebook and every year he wishes my Happy Birthday, which is really cool. He messaged me and said ‘You have a contract with the WWE?’ and I told him ‘Yeah, but I’m not wrestling. I just do videos’ and he replied ‘Oh cool! Who do you report to?’ and blah blah blah. So, I should him what I did for them so far and he thought it was really cool. It was really neat to see him take the moment and message me about it and just wish me luck with what I’m doing.”

What kind of videos can be expected on WWE from him (entrances, matches, etc): “The first video is Brock Lesnar superplexing Big Show off the top rope and destroying the ring, if you remember that from years ago. One I’ve been working on, these past few weeks, is a highlight video of Bret Hart versus Shawn Michaels from the ‘Screwjob’ match; I just picked little spots in the match to recreate with them. You can see raw footage of that on my Instagram (, I post the raw footage on there for people to see, so if you want to see a little sneak peek, you can see it there. But, what I’m focusing on now is entrances, move-sets and classic moments. You’ll see some other classic moment; I don’t want to reveal them yet, but that’s mainly what I’m focusing on. It’s fun. My favorite though is probably entrances; I’ve always loved doing those. It’s just fun to show their personalities in figure form.”

Are there any plans in the works for future documentaries (like ‘Pope: Against All Odds’ and ‘Tarafied’): “You know, I don’t at least not right now, have plans for any documentaries. I actually just signed up today for a stop-motion course for next quarter; I’m really excited about that. It got canceled last quarter but I’m really excited for it. There could be some neat projects that come out of that. But, until I start to get into my narrative film classes, which won’t be until about next year or later this year I should say, when I come back from the summer. I’ve been coming up with some ideas, some thrillers and kind of horror-ish but I want to explore some genres that I’ve never done before.I can tell you one thing I’m working on right now. For my screenplay adaptation class, I’m writing a screenplay on Hulk Hogan’s life. And the funny thing, back when I was with TNA, when Eric Bischoff introduced me to Hulk, and Eric told him about my documentary with Lisa, Hulk said he thought I should tell his story and I just think it’s funny that now, I’m doing that.”

How Lisa Marie Varon has helped him and his work: “It’s just funny how Lisa’s really helped me get things out there. I’m just so grateful to have her and Eric (Bischoff) as well; I mean, he changed my life, of course. It’s just funny how a tweet from (Lisa) can do all this.”

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