Finn Balor Comments On Wanting To Work With Edge & Rey Mysterio


During a recent interview with TVMovie, WWE SmackDown Superstar Finn Balor commented on John Cena stealing his spot at SummerSlam, who else he wants to face on SmackDown, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On John Cena stealing his spot in the Universal title match at SummerSlam: “It’s actually very difficult for me to accept the situation. I would probably have had fewer problems with that three years ago. But now I’m much more confident and know exactly what I’m capable of. And I think what happened there is just wrong. My name was in bold on the SummerSlam contract. John Cena may have signed it, but my name was on the contract. I have to have a serious word with John about that.”

On potentially challenging Cena or Roman Reigns for the Universal title: To be honest, I don’t know what is “off the table” or “on the plan” because unfortunately I cannot determine the matches. But every match shape suits me. I am currently in the best shape of my career so far. I’ve been performing consistently at the highest level for the past year and a half. If you put me in a one-on-one match against Roman Reigns, then I’ll show my performance. If you put me in a one-on-one fight with John Cena, I’ll deliver too. And if you put me in the ring with both of them, then I’ll find my strategy and show everything I have there too.”

On who else he wants to face on SmackDown: “Yeah, there are two guys I’d like to fight against on SmackDown. One of them is Edge. One of the wrestlers I’ve admired for a long time. I feel like he could really push me to the next level. And the other person is Rey Mysterio. He is someone who has been performing at the highest level for many years and is a real legend in this business. To be able to compete with him in the ring would be really something special for me.”

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