Finn Balor Hopes For Singles Match With Edge, Talks Recent Heel Work


Speaking recently on Inside the Ropes, Finn Balor discussed his time with the Judgment Day and his hopes for the future. Balor talked about the faction hitting their stride, a potential one-on-one match against Edge, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On Judgment Day finding their stride after Triple H took control of creative: “Yeah, it might be a coincidence I don’t know. But I’ve definitely been enjoying going to work a lot more recently. I think that’s mainly down to the fact that I’m getting to do something that I really enjoy, and that’s being a true heel, something that I haven’t had a chance to do in WWE correctly. We’d hoped to do it in NXT, but when we lost the interaction of the live crowd, and we kind of tweaked the character to be more of a tweener like a cool heel. So I feel very comfortable in the current version of like a true classic heel. And I’m enjoying it man, it’s fun.”

On getting a stable around him: “I think when I had discussed it before, I had pitched the idea of going with the AOP. But I feel like, now looking back, it might have been too similar to Bullet Club. And I feel like when you try to like recreate something, it’s never as good as the the original. And I feel like this Judgment Day is something so far removed from Bullet Club that it’s very refreshing, for me especially, and then not having to kind of try and recreate what I’ve done years and years ago. So I’m I’m more creatively fulfilled now than I have been in a long time in WWE.”

On a future match vs. Edge: “Oh, I hope so. From a personal standpoint, when Edge retired, I was disappointed at the fact that, you know, that match will never happen. When he returned at the Royal Rumble a couple of years ago, that spark was kind of reignited. And now we’re… obviously, I think tomorrow’s the first time we’ve actually been in the ring together [at Clash in the Castle]. I’m not sure, we’ve had a couple interactions with run-ins and stuff like that. But yeah, hopefully we can get to that singles match there, that’s something that I’m dying for.”

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