Finn Balor

Finn Balor Scheduled For SmackDown Dates On UK Tour But Won’t Appear


Dave Meltzer is reporting in the new Wrestling Observer Newsletter that although Finn Bálor is advertised for the SmackDown shows on the UK, due to his move to NXT, he will not be on the shows.

Reports suggest that early plans had him staying on SmackDown. However, he was moved over to NXT to facilitate a rating boost:


“Balor is being advertised on Smackdown brand shows on the U.K. tour but we’re told the decision has changed and because of his being with NXT, he won’t be on the tour. Before they made the move to put him on NXT, the plan was for him to be on the Smackdown crew. When he lost to Wyatt badly, the idea was he’d go on his sabbatical and switch to Smackdown on his return, but then when the ratings ended up going the way they did, he was moved to NXT with the idea that his star power could make more of a difference there.”

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