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FITE COO Mike Weber Reveals Why WWE Isn’t Filming Live Events Yet

In a recent appearance on the The Business of The Business podcast, COO of FITE TV Mike Weber addressed the possibility of the digital video streaming service striking a deal with WWE to film and release live events.

An optimistic Weber didn’t rule out the possibility of such a project but offered his perspective on why WWE hasn’t developed the concept to date.

Weber noted that WWE primarily uses house shows as a testing ground for storylines and ideas that may or may not eventually make it to their regular live programs. Hence, the juggernaut promotion may not want to reveal its cards by making such live events widely accessible to the general audience.

You can check out some highlights and listen to the full podcast below:

On the logistics of filming a house show for a company like WWE: “They definitely have an interest in doing it. I’m sort of surprised they’re not. In what I think is their opinion, it’s gotta look the level of Fox or nothing … So I don’t think they want to put a smaller production out there. Could it be done? Yeah, it could be done overnight. It would be easy to go in there and do those shows, because it’s still nice venues, bigger venues than, say, the GCW shows. GCW’s a good example; you can film those shows almost anywhere, and they work, and fans like them. I think it’s very important to [WWE] to keep that level of TV production at the highest level. That’s a $150,000-$200,000 … production budget to go and do every show, which would not make sense for your quote-unquote ‘house shows.’”

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