FITE TV CEO Talks Getting CM Punk to Appear at Starrcast III


Speaking with Jeffrey Harris for the 411 Interview Podcast, FITE TV CEO Mike Weber talked about how CM Punk’s appearance at Starrcast came together.

The convention is scheduled to take place from Thursday – Sunday at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. Here is what he had to say: 

“Well, Conrad Thompson’s the master negotiator, and he was able to reach out because he had such credibility in this line of work and negotiate a deal with CM. And we’re very excited about him being able to do that. I was not involved in the direct negotiation, that’s where Conrad excels in bringing all these fantastic people to the platform there. And we’re very excited about having him on there, because we think he’s a great draw. 

I can’t wait to see it, he’s going to be interviewed by Mike Johnson of PWInsider, so it should be a very good one. CM specially picked Mike, because it’s somebody he trusts and feels comfortable with, and that goes a long way. If you’re talking with someone you trust and feel confident, you’re going to probably going to dive deeper and not give a bunch of one-word answers while being interviewed.”


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