​Flair, JR & D-Bryan Discuss WrestleMania & Vince McMahon


In an interview with The Boston Herald, Ric Flair, Daniel Bryan and
others commented on thirty years of Wrestlemania. Here are highlights:

Ric Flair on Vince McMahon: “WrestleMania is what it is
because of Vince. He’s made this the Mecca of Sports Entertainment.”

Jim Ross on how hard Vince works: “Vince doesn’t go to
ball games, golf, or any of that rich-guy stuff. He just works, and nobody works
harder than him. He’s always had that unrelenting work ethic, and I think a lot
of it stems from his father. His father was such an iconic figure in the
wrestling business. Vince idolized his father from afar, and he wanted to do
anything he could to draw favor from his dad. When his dad reluctantly allowed
Vince to get into the wrestling business, that overwhelming work ethic kicked

Daniel Bryan on his own Wrestlemania goals: “I’d like to
go out on Monday Night Raw on the day after WrestleMania and start a new era
with guys who can go out in the ring and perform. John Cena and Randy Orton are
great performers, but so are Cesaro and The Shield. It’s time to give some new
guys some new opportunities.”

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