Flash Morgan Webster

Flash Morgan Webster Explains Why He Decided To Leave WWE


Flash Morgan Webster departed WWE back in August.

Following the news that the WWE NXT UK brand would be going on hiatus and relaunching in 2023 as NXT Europe, most of the roster wound up being cut.


Webster took to his Twitter page earlier today to explain why he decided to leave the company. He wrote,

“Last night was my first match in over a year and my first independent match in close to three. In April, rumors started surfacing that I’d turn down multiple renewal offers from the WWE. Those rumors were true.

There was a few reasons I turned them contracts down but one of them was that I felt like maybe I was done with stepping into a wrestling ring. That passion just wasn’t there, I wasn’t enjoying it, and motivation to rehab or get in any form of ring shape was the last thing I wanted to do. I’d later go in to re-sign so my family and I had security while I was injured.

Then the release came, and I kinda felt relieved in some capacity. While colleagues were looking to fill up their schedules, I was looking at becoming a coach or running Chaos full time as a promoter. I knew I wanted to be involved in wrestling but maybe just not in a performing capacity. Anyone who knows me professionally will know the huge amount of pressure I put on myself before matches. To the extent of making my days before shows and show days insufferable. And this anxiety has only got worse over last few years.

But a few weeks ago I made the decision to take two bookings. One booking a tag team match with Mark and the second a singles and really see where my head was at. Last nights at OTT, I stepped into a ring in front of a crowd in over a year and I did so with the intention of just enjoying it and trying to find that fun I seemed to have lost along the way.

All I know for now I spent last 3 years not really knowing what I wanted or where I stood with wrestling. Now I know I just want to enjoy it and last night was a good start to that. I look forward Riot Cabaret in two weeks time and then back at OTT for round 2 and then who knows. All I know is whatever I do going forward I’m going to try my best to embrace and enjoy it.“

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