Flip Gordon

Flip Gordon Comments On The Elite Possibly Leaving ROH, & More


Flip Gordon recently spoke with Wrestling Inc, discussing the Elite possibly leaving ROH and his desire to become of the faces of the brand:

On The Elite Possibly Leaving ROH: “If they do leave, anything can happen. There’s so much time between now and whenever whatever’s supposed to happen. If they leave, that just opens up more opportunities. Just like when I came to ROH, there were a lot of guys that left. That’s why I got to where I am so fast, because these opportunities were available for me.”

On Becoming One Of The Faces Of ROH: “That is my goal. I re-signed with ROH and I’m with them until 2020. I knew that when I signed the contract, this is a commitment. Two years I’m with ROH. So if people leave, great! That is just more opportunities for me. If they stay, great! That’s even harder I have to work then because I still want those spots.”

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