Footage Owner Of Original GLOW Wants To Trademark The Name


According to PWinsider, Ursula Hayden, a former performer of the original GLOW and owner of GLOW’s footage, filed a trade trademark on the term GLOW. The site reports that the description of the trademark, including the premise of the Netflix series, is based on the original GLOW television series….

“Entertainment services, namely, a continuing comedy-drama program broadcast and viewable through cable and broadcast television, video-on-demand services, web-based streaming via communications networks, and through recorded media, featuring a fictionalized account of the historical 1980s women’s professional wrestling circuit and fictional accounts and back stories of participating performers and wrestlers; entertainment services, namely, production and promotion of filmed entertainment featuring women’s professional wrestling; entertainment services in the nature of an ongoing fiction series distributed via various platforms across multiple forms of transmission media featuring the behind-the-scenes lives of characters performing in a professional women’s sports and entertainment tour of live and recorded wrestling matches set against the cultural backdrop of the 1980s; providing information regarding the production and distribution of a fictionalized account of historically based professional women’s wrestling as well as information about the genuine historical tour and its later exploits, and films and media featuring the original performers and tour. “

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