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Former NXT Announcer Gives His Thoughts On Enzo & Big Cass Having Backstage Heat



As recently reported here on eWn (click here to read), there were reports coming from the Wrestling Observer that WWE superstars Enzo and Big Cass have backstage heat for different reasons. Dave Meltzer noted that Enzo has heat due to him rubbing people the wrong way to shorten it up, but Big Cass on the other hand; has heat for his supporting of Donald Trump.

During a recent episode of WrestleZone’s podcast, former NXT/SmackDown announcer Rich Brennan, joined the show and gave his thoughts on the news of Enzo & Big Cass having backstage heat.

Brennan On Enzo:

“He can rub people the wrong way for sure. I like him and I always got along with him but he is one of those guys who illicit a response. It’s probably one of the reasons he can illicit such a big response from the crowd, that’s him, that’s not even really an act, that’s Enzo. It’s dialed up but that’s Enzo. He’ll tell you what he thinks and for lack of a better term he can be a little bit of a “loud mouth”. He’s kind of brash. I think that is kind of obvious with his character, that’s going to rub some people wrong.”

Brennan On Big Cass:

“I never talk politics with too many people. Brawler and I used to talk because we could joke back and forth but I try to avoid anything like that. He has heat with who? With whom? Did he piss off a road agent? Did one of the boys give him a hard time because of the e-mail leak with Trump Jr? Who knows? It may have been something like that or not. I don’t get, I don’t want to say “twisted” with this kind of stuff but, “this guy has heat with someone.” Ok, who is it?


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