Former NXT Commentator On Why The Fans Were Silent During The Punjabi Prison Match & Talks The “Flag Match”


Former NXT commentator Alex Del Barrio, recently joined the WrestleZone Daily! podcast and discussed all things Battleground. Del Barrio provided his insight on why the fans of Philly did not seem too interested in the WWE Championship main event. He also spoke on the Flag Match between John Cena & Rusev.

Here are the highlights:

Flag Match:

“I think that was something they probably thought: “Man, this probably wasn’t a good idea” during the match. Sometimes they think an idea is good in theory and then isn’t as good when it is executed and I’d bet they never go back to that particular format again. I don’t get too caught up in that type of stuff. If you know it’s a match and it’s a fictional piece of storytelling you are watching and you get caught up in that… look, WWE does so much for the men and women of the armed services. They go around the world to visit several times a year, they do the Tribute to The Troops, they like to hire veterans within the company, they offer free tickets to military service members. To me it wasn’t a sign of disrespect. To me, a sign of disrespect has to be intentional and it’s a fictional television match. Obviously it’ll hit the ground in that format but I am not going to be one of those people that goes crazy about it on social media.”

Why Fans Were Silent During The Punjabi Prison Match:

“One of the big problems I have with the Punjabi Prison match is that nobody in the building can see anything. I think even from a TV perspective there seems to be a lot of confusion with the match. There seems to be some problems with the overall storytelling ability of that match. I don’t understand the concept of the doors and how you only get sixty seconds to get in the door or whatever. I understand that you are trying to introduce a new kind of element with the two cages, but there was a moment in the match where there were still two doors available. Jinder Mahal was starting to climb the cage and Randy Orton just kind of walked over and pulled him off the cage. If he’s climbing and there are still two doors available, why don’t you just go through one of the doors while he is still climbing? I am very much a logic based storytelling guy when it comes to pro wrestling and when you have one of those questionable things, I just kind of roll my eyes.”

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