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Former NXT UK Wrestler Jazzy Gabert Shares Concerning Story Regarding Bullying In WWE


During a recent appearance on Cafe de Rene with Rene Dupree, former WWE NXT UK wrestler Alpha Female (Jazzy Gabert) made several allegations of bullying during her time in the company.

First commenting on how much she hated her time in NXT UK, Jazzy Gabert said the following:

“Then I ended up in NXT UK in the UK, so I had to go to London a lot of times and I didn’t like it, actually I hated it. It was the worst thing I ever done in my life. It was horrible, I got really badly bullied and people would to try to hurt me and they would on purpose go for my neck. Then I asked when my contract one year later, when we had another contract talks I asked, ‘can I go to America, please to the Performance Centre in America?’ they said no. I said what about [if we] raise the money, and they said no. So I said ‘ok, if there’s no improvement and I really hate it here, why would I continue doing this?'”

Jazzy Gabert would then go on to give an example of some of the bullying she faced in the company:

“For example, I entered a room and I could hear everyone is laughing and having fun, I entered the room and everyone gets quiet. I mean I don’t care, I don’t need friends in this business, but it’s like what? Or when we had to do team exercises, everyone would run away and I’m like ‘ah man’, they made me really feel like I’m a bad person.

“So, my promos are getting from time to time better and better, and everyone from the office is like ‘hey good job.’ And then, one day we had an exercise where we had to write a promo for another person. I won’t mention her name, but what she did was like what the hell?

“So I write a really nice promo for her, and I was really excited – So I gave it to her, then I get my sheet [from her] and I’m seeing English words I’ve never seen in my life, like English is my second language. So this promo was full of words I’ve never heard in my life, and I’m like ‘I can’t do this promo, like I can’t’, and I start crying because I am stupid. And, I’m standing in front of all these people and I’m so embarrassed because I can’t do it. It was just so embarrassing for me and I see their [the promo writer] smile on their face, and like in wrestling you should support each other – especially girls so why would you do that?”

Most serious of all the allegations Gabert would make is that of a wrestler attacking her damaged neck on purpose in front of a WWE coach. This coach would then pretend they did not see the incident happen:

“Even when they started hitting me on my injured neck right. One day, I won’t mention a name but one girl she hit me so hard on my injured back, that my neck snapped backwards and my legs felt numb, and I fall down. I then look at the coach, and he fricken turns around like ‘I didn’t see anything’ and she did it on purpose. I stand up and I [say to her] ‘why are you doing this?’, she says ‘this is how I do it’, so I’m like ‘ok, whatever.’ Like what can you do in this moment? You can’t do nothing.”

It is worth noting that Jazzy Gabert has had well-known issues with her neck. With those same issues preventing her from signing a contract with WWE back in 2018 after she failed their medical tests.

Jazzy Gabert would wrestle seven matches in NXT UK before deciding to not renew her contract with the company.

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