Former WCW Superstar Opens up About Battle with Depression


Former WCW Superstar Scotty Riggs took to Twitter to open up about his battle with depression and even touches on having suicidal thoughts.

The former member of Raven’s Flock and 1/2 of the American Males tag team reveals that it was actually his former tag team partner, Buff Bagwell who recently reached out to him and left him in better spirits:

“My depression fucks w/ my mind when I’m on twitta, think’n ya sum bitches wouldn’t miss me if I was gone, by good karma my friend Bagwell calls, we catch up on our lives, end’n call “love ya man”; real voice made difference for me to RISE UP in fight, dig it.. REACH OUT”

Riggs’ peers like Medusa and The Blue Meanie reached out with messages of love:

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