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Former Writer Brian Gewritz Recalls Vince McMahon Fining Michael Cole


Former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz is fondly remembered for his contributions during the Attitude Era. Gewirtz is still involved with wrestling these days, working as a producer alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson with his Young Rock and Tales From The Territories shows. He also wrote a book that was recently published, There’s Just One Problem: True Tales from the Former, One-Time, Seventh-Most Powerful Person in WWE, and Inside the Ropes shared a funny anecdote about Michael Cole.

According to Gewirtz, Michael Cole had a bit of a verbal tic which resulted in the longtime commentator ending every sentence with the word “now.” To try and correct this, Vince McMahon would fine Cole every time he heard him do it. Gewirtz explains: “We all have our personal verbal tics. Announcer Michael Cole used to say ‘now’ at the end of every sentence: ‘Jeff Hardy, into the ropes now…’ Vince took it upon himself to fine Cole every time he ended a sentence with the word ‘now,’ and sure enough, Cole stopped doing it.”

Vince McMahon resigned as chairman and CEO of WWE in late July, amid a storm of sexual assault allegations, NDAs, and hush money payments. Fans who are interested can order a copy of Gewirtz’s book here.

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