Former Writer Claims WWE 2K21 Will Face Budget Cut, 2K Team Departures


According to a former writer on the Smackdown vs. Raw game series that turned into the WWE 2K series, at least 10 developers have left the franchises’ development studio Visual Concepts after the release of WWE 2K20. 

Justin Leeper also notes that WWE 2K21 will deal with a budget cut. 

“2K20 is selling poorly. It’s doing poorly all around, and that means that the budget is going to be cut. It means that 2K21 is going to have to be made with much less money. Which means less money to fix things, less money to innovate, and now there’s about 10 less people on the team. So as you can tell, the outlook for 2K21 isn’t very good either.”

H/T to Sports Gamers Online for the transcription

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