Former WWE Champion Possibly Making Royal Rumble Appearance?


It was rumored prior to the WWE draft that the company was interested in bringing back Rey Mysterio to help strengthen their rosters once it was split into two brands. We later found out that WWE never actually contacted Mysterio because he was under contract with Lucha Underground.

Bryan Alvarez mentioned on yesterday’s installment of Wrestling Observer Live that Konnan recently claimed on his podcast that Mysterio’s contract with Lucha Underground has expired. Konnan also hinted at the possibly that Rey could return to WWE for Sunday’s Royal Rumble event.

In regards to Konnan’s claims about Mysterio’s contract, it is very likely that his contract has expired. It was reported last year that Rey’s contract with Lucha Underground was set to expire sometime in 2017. Rey Mysterio won the Royal Rumble match in 2006.

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