Former WWE Creative Member Talk: ROH, AJ Styles, Kevin Steen & More


Former WWE creative member and current ROH writer, Court Bauer did an Ask Me AnythingQ&A session on’s r/SquaredCircle community. Here are the highlights:

His thoughts on Triple H’s role in WWE: HHH is in an impossible position. Every day he goes out there and people connect him to marrying Vince’s daughter. That’s unfair, but he’s done extraordinarily well in his position as WWE and believe WWE will be in good hands for the foreseeable future. The sample size is small but if you look at the talent he’s cherry picked and put through the WWE star making machine, it’s pretty solid: The Shield, The Wyatts and frankly you can go as far back as Orton, Batista and Sheamus to see he’s got a pretty great batting average as a talent selector. Not everyone is a home run, but he has a good track record thus far.

His thoughts on if WWE should sign Kevin Steen: He kills it every time out and has the marketability of being bilingual and a native of Quebec which to me is $$$$. I’d sign him if I was WWE. I also am impressed with his unrelenting ability to keep grinding. His weekend escapades show entertains me and is a nice sample of what he could do if given the ball. A throwback DIY talent.

Does he think Jim Ross will ever working for ROH: That’d be pretty sweet. I hope we haven’t heard JR call his last wrestling match.

His thoughts on TNA producer Dave Lagana: He was super disrespectful to me at WWE and then we were cool after we both moved on as it sucks to have perpetual static with someone so I did his podcast. Then, in an attempt to get his job at WWE, he concocted a crazy ass lie to ingratiate himself while under a deal to TNA. It didn’t work and I found out and since that time he’s been #1 on my shit list. If you are good at what you do, you don’t have to lie and defame people to impress. Your game speaks for itself. Unfortunately, it’s been my experience that Dave is an insecure, talentless, neurotic hack. It is what it is. Super disappointed that we’ll have perpetual static but what can you do?

His thoughts on AJ Styles’ ROH return helping business: It helped A LOT. He has moved the needle across the board. AJ has been incredible both in the ring and for business. He compliments the roster exceptionally well and creates a ton of fresh matches. It’s been fantastic having him back in the ROH mix.

How can he make Ring of Honor better? Expanding revenue streams, embracing our audience at a different level, enhancing the production elements that our exceptionally talented production crew have to work with. And ALL are something we are collectively working on. You can’t do it overnight but we’re working as a team to make it happen. If you look at 2014, you will see a lot of cool shit happening. We are just getting started. We got big plans and are very ambitious. No hype, fact.

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