Former WWE Creative Writer Discusses The Women’s Revolution


Former WWE creative writer Nico Gendron, recently posted an excerpt onto the website “Birth.Movies.Death” and discussed her time within WWE walls & how they always seemed to come up short, when it came time to put together story-lines for the women of the company.

Gendron“I was hired at WWE in the summer of 2015, right after they introduced ‘The Divas Revolution.’ In a male-dominated writers room, a female perspective was needed as WWE’s women wrestlers were expected to rise above their traditional role of full-time arm candy and part-time wrestler to share consistent air time with their male, Superstar counterparts. I learned quickly that this wrestling dynasty hadn’t caught up to the main cultural dialogue around feminism and female empowerment that was electric outside WWE. With a great deal of ground to cover, I realized I would have to embrace the little victories, like storylines that do not hinge on a disagreement over a male love interest, avoiding dialogue where male Superstars reduce female wrestlers by telling them to shut up or by positioning them as getting in the way of their own success.”

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