Former WWE Creative Writer On How The Punjabi Prison Came To Fruition


Former WWE creative writer Court Bauer recently joined the WrestlingINC podcast & during the podcast, Bauer revealed how the massive structure which we know as the Punjabi Prison came to fruition.

Check out what Court Bauer had to say:

Bauer: “The original idea actually was rooted in my pitch in the Spring of 2006 to bring the exploding death-match made famous in IWA Japan and FMW to the States because it’s one of the rare things WWE had never touched and SmackDown needed a shot in the arm. We needed a specialty match, we needed something a little different. We had some good brawlers and I thought: well we could build to something with this. We were just talking out loud and [Vince McMahon] turned down War Games, he always does and always will and I said what about this and I had a whole presentation; it wasn’t off the cuff, I showed him footage, I had a whole package, a real pitch put together for this and Vince thought about it and said, ‘Let’s do it.’ There, we started on our path to the exploding death-match coming to WWE for what was tracking to be the summer of 2006.”

“Ultimately, Kevin sent us the final product. Not mock-ups, the final product, it’s built and it looks like a set piece from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I don’t know what to make of it, a play set some poor child would get killed on. Unanimously across the writer’s room, jaws dropped and we’re looking at this thing doing double takes. I remember Dusty Rhodes taking his granny glasses and pulling them from the edge of his nose, close up top to make sure he was seeing what he thought he was seeing and he was like, ‘Man it looks like Lincoln Logs’ and I thought to myself, unless the bamboo explodes, which would be a safety hazard, this has mutated into something perverse and it’s not what we had pitched Vince and usually when you pitch Vince onto something and he gives you the green light, that’s locked, sealed and delivered going to happen. For whatever reason, I never got a real answer. Whether Kevin just wanted to do something different or something got lost in translation, we ended up doing this bizarre concept.”


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