Former WWE Creative Writer Reveals The Gimmick That Was Going To Be Given To CM Punk When Punk Debuted


Former WWE creative writer Court Bauer, joined the WrestlingINC podcast last week & during the show, Bauer was asked who was responsible for signing former WWE Champion CM Punk & Bauer also revealed the gimmick that was originally set for CM Punk upon his WWE debut.

Here’s what Bauer had to say:

John Laurinaitis signed him, he thought it was a good get. He was assigned to OVW and there were a few different ideas to bring him in. One of those ideas was to bring him in as an 80’s almost like a rockers, just like a 80’s rocker gimmick and he was going to be paired with Mickie James at first. Almost like a real babyface high-five, big smile wear 80s rock gear stuff.”


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