Former WWE Developmental Talent Comes Out And Says Bill DeMott Kept A Gun At His Desk, More


Former WWE Developmental talent Austin Matelson (Judas Draven in developmental) recently spoke with Vendetta Pro Radio about his issues with Bill DeMott while a part of the WWE developmental system. Among the claims in the interview are that trainer Bill DeMott kept a gun in his desk, and that it made him afraid. Here are highlights of the interview, courtesy of

* He claims to have emails from talent relations that prove they did not do a full investigation.

 * Talent relations wrote to him that, “the talent he named corresponded to a bottom five list to be fired.” This seemed to coincidental to be true and if they (the talent) wanted to tell their story to call them (talent relations) because, “that’s what real men do”.

 * Talent relations betrayed Judas’s trust and told Coach Bill Demott of his letter.

 * Coach Demott interrogated Judas in his office, where Judas claims, that he held a gun inside his desk that talent such as Konnor and Russev had also previously seen.

 * Judas being alone with the man he claimed was the bully, denied Bill Demotts questions in fear of his life.

 * This denial led talent relations to drop the investigation into his account as they felt he was not speaking the truth to both sides.

 * Judas claims that telling Bill Demott he sent documents to get him fired could have led Bill to hurt him, maybe even snap and use the gun. Judas was frightened and felt completely alone in the matter.

 * Judas claims that only a handful of talent was called about the matter and afraid to come forward because their careers depended on silence.

 * No talent has once denied that any of Judas’s claims are true.

 * Judas claims that after his first rushed surgery a talent meeting was held with Bill Demott and talent relations and they asked anyone with a problem to stand up. Only Paige stood up to complain about harassment from the strength coach.

 * Judas Claims the month after Bill found out about his human resources letter was complete hell.

 * Bill Demott stopped talent from riding to shows with Judas.

 * Bill Demott began to use “Judas’s HR letter” as a punchline with talent at practice-
Demott called Judas a Pussy for writing this complaint.

 * Judas claims to be very offended by the continual use of anti-gay language by Coach Bill Demott.

 * He claimed that he was pitched as a member of the Wyatt family by Dusty Rhodes but Bill allegedly said “Judas was too gay for that spot”.

 * Judas then was rushed into two hip surgeries without being given a full medical investigation.

 * Judas was then paid to live in Los Angeles and rehab for almost 2 years and could not speak out for fear of losing his healthcare.

 * Judas was on the verge of early retirement based on WWE medicals opinions but went to his own doctor and received a spinal MRI.

 * This separate doctor told Judas that he had a herniated disc causing symptoms in his hip.

 * Judas attempted to take this MRI to WWE lawyers but they wanted nothing to do with it.

 * Judas parted ways with company this past fall and began his own rehab on his back-
 Now Judas claims he is 100 percent healthy and has a second chance at wrestling, and wants to help future talent avoid the pitfalls that he went through.

 * Judas implores WWE and talent to speak up against the ongoing injustices of Bill Demott. Saying “Silence makes losers of us all”

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