Former WWE Diva Kaitlyn Discusses Why She Decided To Leave WWE And More


Former WWE Diva Kaitlyn spoke about her decision to leave the WWE and more.
Here are the highlights…

On breaking in to WWE and her WWE debut: “After having
only been in the developmental program for WWE only a few weeks, I received I
life changing phone call from John Lauranitus. He said, “Kid, you’re going to
debut on Tuesday”. (It was currently a Friday). Apparently, the first female
season of NXT, a WWE reality based elimination show, was getting ready to launch
and they needed a last minute replacement. Me. I was the replacement. The girl
who had barely gotten her feet wet at wrestling practice. The girl who didn’t
even have a pair of wrestling boots yet. The girl that only owned one dress,
(which I had actually borrowed from my best friend and “forgot” to give back). I
was immediately contacted by the WWE travel department, by talent relations, and
by everyone else and their mom. I was supposed to fly out in two days to join
the rest of the WWE roster backstage at Monday night RAW and then make my debut
on live TV that following Tuesday.”

On her WWE departure: “The last 6 months of my career with
WWE were definitely tumultuous. I am a total believer of the saying “Everything
happened for a reason”. After I had lost the title and had taken a backseat to
the main story line and the the total divas, I decided it was a much needed
break (from the spotlight). During that time I was going through some personal
and medical issues and wasn’t necessarily happy with my body. I figured it was a
blessing in disguise to be on the back burner for a bit. After all, everyone
gets their turn and you can’t always be on top forever. For the record; even if
you aren’t in a main story line or the champion, you’re still working your ass
off week in and week out on live events etc. Anyways, it was also during this
time that I fell into a whirlwind love with a long time friend and got engaged.
My (now) husband came into my life and became this knight in shining armor that
I never knew I needed.”

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