​Former WWE Diva Kaitlyn Reveals Why She Left WWE, Returning For An Episode Of “UpUpDownDown”


During a recent interview with WWE.com, former WWE Diva Kaitlyn discussed her decision to leave WWE, returning for an episode of “UpUpDownDown” and more. Here are some highlights:

On Her Decision to Leave WWE: “When I left, I was on really good terms with everybody. I have a few friends who I’m still really close with. When I go there, it’s nothing but happiness. It feels good to come back and say I had an amazing career here. It’s part of why I am who I am, but I took everything I learned in my life here, and I turned it into something else, doing it on my own.”

On Returning For UpUpDownDown: “It was so much fun being on UpUpDownDown, because every time I go back there, it’s like nothing has changed. I still act like an idiot with my friends. It’s no secret that Big E and I are close friends. We have a joke that I’m the female version of him and vice versa.”

On WWE Taking Her Shopping: “Here’s a cool story. When I was Divas Champion, Triple H and [another WWE executive] basically, in the nicest way possible, told me I wasn’t dressing myself the way I should and that they were going to take me shopping, get me some new looks and get some custom gear made. They really believed in me. So, for a few weeks in a row, I got to go to New York, and I had meetings with Stephanie [McMahon] and Hunter in Stamford at WWE Headquarters. They wanted me to be ready for any opportunity that was thrown at me.”

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