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NewsFormer WWE Producer Recalls The Time He Made Vince McMahon Cry

Former WWE Producer Recalls The Time He Made Vince McMahon Cry



During a recent appearance on the “Talk N Shop” podcast, former WWE Creative Director of On-Air Promotions David Sahadi commented on the time he made Vince McMahon cry after he produced a commercial during the Attitude Era.

In the advertisement, several WWE legends including Freddie Blassie and Gorilla Monsoon commented on how things were much different in their day compared to that era. Sahadi said,

“Kevin Dunn calls me, I’m doing the shoot in Albany, and he goes, ‘Vince called and can’t understand why you’re shooting these old guys.’ He didn’t understand it was a passing of the torch spot. He goes, ‘It better be fucking good because he’s very upset.’ I’m like, ‘Trust me, he’s going to love it.’ A week later when the spot was does, we called him into the audio room to listen on the big screen and play it out loud. 15 seconds in, it’s him, Shane (McMahon) and I think Pat Patterson, 15 seconds in [Vince] is like, ‘Oh God. Oh God. Jesus. Oh God.’ He walked out before the tag page even came up. I turn to Shane and said, ‘He hates it, doesn’t he?’ He goes, ‘No, you got him.’ I swear to you on my life, I walked outside this studio and Vince is sitting on the ground in tears, just drenched with tears and he’s saying, ‘Thank you so much.’ I walk up to tell Kevin Dunn that and Kevin does, ‘You did a good job. I can’t wait to see the spot.’ 20 minutes later, I walk back to the studio and Vince is in the stairwell, sitting down with Pat Patterson and Shane and he’s still crying, saying, ‘Thank you, thank you so much.’ I think one reason why is effected Vince so much is that he saw it wasn’t just a passing of the torch from one wrestling generation to another, but also the legacy of his dad to him. I think he felt on a visceral and personal level. To make Vince McMahon cry, it’s one of my top spots of all time even though I’ve done far more creative thing, but there is emotion in that spot and it’s all about emotion.”

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