Former WWE Star Says Their Tag-Team Division ‘Sucks’


Mike Buda from recently had an interview with Charlie Haas. Here are a few of the highlights.

On WWE’s tag team division: “If you look at their tag team division, it sucks. The wrestlers don’t suck, the division sucks. Creative doesn’t know it; I don’t know if it’s creative or the political bullshit Vince McMahon or whoever that don’t like tag team wrestling. They don’t push it and they don’t showcase it like they used to. At one time, it was phenomenal when you had Edge and Christian, the Dudleys, the Hardys and the New Age Outlaws. That was great, but now they just throw two guys together and they put a couple of shitty belts on them that look terrible. Those belts look like pennies.”

On how to fix WWE’s tag team division: “You’ve got one of the greatest minds in the business, who was part of one of the greatest tag teams and that’s Arn Anderson. I would go back to the agents and say ‘Arn, you’re in charge of the tag team division. Come up with some tag teams, create tag teams and create story lines.’ Let the agents that have been in the ring and have done their jobs, let them write the business.”

On John Laurainitis’ job: “He has a hard job. Everyone can say that he should do this or do that, but I guess you really can’t tell until you’re in that position. He’s got a lot of pressure on him and he’s got to show that they’re saving money and that the money they’re putting out towards wrestlers are going to produce to make that money back. It’s a numbers game with him and it’s tough for him. I think he does the best that he can to his capabilities.”

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