Former WWE Superstar auditions for American Ninja Warrior


Former WWE Superstar Zach Gowen has sent an audition tape to the producers of American Ninja Warrior.

“The producers for American Ninja Warrior really wanted to see if I could do things I claimed I could do,” Gowen said in a Facebook post.

In the first of two Facebook posts, Gowen jumped a 6 foot gap on his first attempt. In a later post, Gowen posted the full audition tape to his YouTube account for fans to see.

“What a platform that would be to carry a message of hope,” Gowen said in the latter Facebook post.

Zach Gowen was on the WWE roster in 2003 and is best remembered for feuding with the likes of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Vince McMahon. Known as the “One-legged wonder”, Gowen currently competes in the Indie wrestling scene despite only having one leg.

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