Former WWE Superstar Needs Surgery For A Torn Bicep


Former WWE Superstar Kevin Fertig (Kevin Thorne/Mordecai) recently took to Twitter and revealed that he will require surgery after suffering a torn bicep in his left arm. Fertig said,

“Well [email protected]!!! Happy Birthday to me !! Decided to do just one more Show @ovwwrestling in Louisville this weekend and enter in their Royal Rumble , let’s just say I’m not made for this shit anymore!! I did make it down to the Final 3 thou before it happened!!

Bicep —- is now torn off bone and surgery probably on Tuesday or Wednesday!! Birthday — Monday!! Lol. Definitely going to stick to real estate from here!! Multiple Offer situations don’t hurt this bad!! Well most anyway!

Huge Thanks to @thedavidherro for keeping @kkdgfertig from kicking my ass and the I told you so’s to about 3!

Huge love to @therealalsnow @thescottgarland @mrpec_tacular @chrismasters310 @thearonfiles @thekalherro @thedougbasham and all the great guys in OVW, it was great seeing you all and love text checking on me in late hours this AM!!

Huge Thanks to @drkux for getting me in and home quick! Still want that sponge — bath thou!! —
Now Krogers pharmacy needs to open quickly cuz my meds have wore off and this shit freaking hurts!!!!

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