Former WWE Superstar Talks Vince McMahon Angle, Benoit Tragedy


Former WWE Superstar Teddy Long was interviewed by WrestlingINC. During the interview, Long recalled the Vince McMahon Death Angle. This storyline occurred approximately one week prior to the Benoit Murder-Suicide tragedy, which saw McMahon’s character “die” in a limousine explosion.

“We were in Corpus Christi, Texas and were getting ready to do TV. That Corpus Christi TV was the day we were gonna have Vince McMahon’s funeral. They had the coffin and everything there and that’s when Vince came and broke the news to us and that’s why we weren’t able to do the Vince McMahon funeral. That was unreal man.”

Teddy’s thoughts on Chris Benoit. Did he see the documentary?

“No I missed it but I wish I would have had the opportunity to talk those guys as I was right there and a part of all of that. With Nancy and Benoit, I drove with them a lot of nights. I broke in with Kevin Sullivan. Him and Nancy were married at the time so I was there when the thing started with her and Benoit.”

His thoughts on Chris Benoit.

“Chris was such a nice guy and you would never believe something like that would have went down. Chris Benoit would give you the shirt off his back and also Nancy was the same way. If people can remember, she was the manager for Butch Reed and Ron Simmons before I got them. They were called Doom but they had the hoods on and I was the one that took the hoods off them. My thing was these are two pretty black men that you got covered up. Let’s get these masks off and let the pretty ladies see what they look like. So she had a chance to manage them before I got them.”

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