Former WWE Superstar Was Banned From Using The Superkick Because of Shawn Michaels


Former WWE Superstar Stevie Richards was reportedly banned from using his Superkick finisher because of a rule involving Shawn Michaels.

Michaels is perhaps the most celebrated star to use the Superkick (Sweet Chin Music), winning several World titles with the move.


Speaking to Sportskeeda, former WWF writer Vince Russo discussed how protected certain moves were during the Attitude Era:

“I know that for a fact that when Stevie Richards came over and Shawn (Michaels) used his Superkick – and that’s what Stevie used – and he was told flat-out, ‘You’re never using the Superkick again.’ I can’t think of guys or instances off the top of my head, but they were very, very strict about that. Like, if ‘Taker used the Tombstone – that was the big deal, ‘Taker does the Tombstone, nobody else does until Kane. Very, very, very protective of finishing moves back then.”

Richards signed with WWE in 1999 before leaving in 2008, and became a 21-time WWF Hardcore Champion during his time.

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