Former WWE Tough Enough Winner, Daniel Puder, Says WWE Cheated Him Out Of A Contract


Former WWE Tough Enough Winner, Daniel Puder, appeared on the Jordan Garber NOW podcast. Down below are the highlights…

WWE not owning up to the agreement on his contact: I won the contract people talk about different amounts I got quarter million my first year. they gave me a crappy deal at the end of the first year. I looked at the situation about how they were treating me when I was busting my butt if they are just going to offer not what the agreement was than I’m not going to stick around and be a part of it.


On Winning Tough Enough:
I was on the Smackdown show. The Miz was getting 75,000 unique hits on his website everyday and I was only getting like 50 or 60 K. I was like no way I’m done he won. So I went out there and they were like “You won” and I just went nuts. It was crazy.

On Bill DeMott: One time he bent my finger backwards when I didn’t do a move right. DeMott held my finger back one day and I looked at him and I smiled and I said are you going to break it or are you gonna show me how to do the move, he never did it again and respected me for who I was. Very blessed to have him in my life. He’s a hard ass and I got good because of it.

On Kurt Angle incident: I kicked his butt back a little bit, and I showed him. I really pushed him he didn’t expect it coming like that, and I just had a lot of fun with it.

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