Former WWE Women’s Champion Ivory Talks The Use Of Women In WWE Today & The Netflix Series; GLOW


Former 3-time WWE Women’s Champion, Ivory, recently spoke with USA Today’s “For The Win” section about the use of women’s wrestlers in today’s WWE vs. her days in the company. Ivory also spoke on the wrestling-based Netflix series; GLOW.

Here are the highlights:



“I thought it was a perfect thing to make a show from. As far as telling our story and whether it was true to life, I thought they made a good mix. I’m glad it’s not a documentary because it’s probably going to be way more entertaining with the really good writers and producers who put it together.”

WWE’s Use Of Its Female Competitors Today vs. The Use Of Women While She Was An Active Competitor:

“They’re wrestling, they are entertaining to me now. A few of them had different types of bodies. I was very pleased to see that things have come far, far away from the Diva Search days where it was, ‘Let’s have a bunch of girls in bikinis flop around and look stupid so the public can vote them on or off the show.’”



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