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NewsFormer WWE Writer Discusses The Process Behind The WWE Draft

Former WWE Writer Discusses The Process Behind The WWE Draft



There have been sixteen talent drafts in WWE since 2002. Sometimes labeled the “Superstar Shake-Up,” the sporadic event provides surprises for fans and allows for fresh match-ups across the WWE brands. Former WWE writer Chris Dunn spoke about the creative process for the draft in a recent interview with Behind Enemy Lines.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

How the draft was conducted during his time with WWE: “Every year I was there, it completely varied. It’s like those are the highest-level of conversations. Now, there have been ones where it’s been planned out months in advance. There have been ones that change even the day of. But usually, this is how you want to do it — you pick your top man and woman from each brand and then you pick their opponents for the year. Like, what are fresh matches? And kind of go from there.”

The purpose behind the draft: “That’s kind of what you want to do, you want to build a brand around your big tentpoles like SummerSlam, Rumble, ‘Mania, and the draft process, but it varies consistently.”

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